Saudi Conditions on UAE to Eradicate STC

Saudi Arabia raised on Saturday, the ceiling of its conditions on UAE, in a move described as an effort to take revenge on STC.

Turki Al-Qablan, a Saudi expert close to the decision-making center, stressed on the need to carry out what he described as the requirements of this stage, including the re-formation of the Transitional Council by expelling elements calling for secession, and the introduction of others that are consistent with the option of the Yemeni soil unity and adhere to the inclusive national constants.

Al-Qablan was commenting on an editorial for the Emirati newspaper, Al-Bayyan, attacking the transitional council and what it described as “advocates of division in Yemen.” In the context, other Saudi activists opened the file of funding the transitional media.

Abdullah Al Hatila, assistant editor-in-chief of Okaz newspaper, accused STC media of opening communication channels with “Houthis” media. Meanwhile, Ali Al-Areshi, a Saudi journalist, called for revealing who is behind the transitional media and finances it, in reference to UAE.

The focus of Saudi campaign on the transitional media came in the wake of the attack by those media on Saudi Arabia.

Where the transitional official channel “Aden Independent” and broadcast a song by the artist Zikra, attacking the Saudi regime.

These conditions coincided with UAE’s announcement of a change in its support strategy for the council calling for the secession of southern Yemen in indication of Riyadh’s attempt to take advantage of the recent escalation to take revenge on the Transitional Council.

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