Saada: Seven Citizens, African Migrant Injured due to Saudi Bombing

Three citizens and an African migrant were injured on Saturday by Saudi army fire in Saada province.

A local source said that the Saudi enemy’s artillery targeted al-Raqw area in Munabeh district, which led to the injury of three citizens and an African migrant.

on Friday, at least four civilians were injured, including an African immigrant, as a result of Saudi bombing on border areas of Saada province, northern Yemen, a security source said.

According to the security source, Saudi artillery forces shelled al-Raqaw area in the border district of Monabbih, leaving four injured, including an African immigrant.

Earlier in the day, Ministry of Public Health said, in a statement that the victims of the Saudi attacks since the beginning of the truce amounted to 3,258, including 285 dead who were killed in the Saada border districts.”

On Thursday, A civilian was killed and eight others, including African immigrants, were wounded on Thursday as a result of Saudi bombing on the border districts of Shada, Razih and Monabbih in the province.

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