Upcoming War with Saudi-led Coalition Will Be Different: Houthis Vow

A senior member in the Anssarallah’s political bureau, revealed content of the offer made by the Saudi-led coalition to Sana’a through the Omani delegation on the salaries of employees.

Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, said that “what the countries of ‘aggression’ have provided does not meet the demands of Sana’a, and the stance of the countries of Saudi coalition is not yet clear regarding the payment of salaries, accusing them of seeking to stir up internal Yemeni disputes by offering to pay salaries to a part of the employees.”

He warned that if Sanaa’s just demands are not met, it will not stand idly by without responding to the siege.

“Any upcoming military round with Saudi-led coalition will be different from the previous ones because Sana’a has developed its missile and air capabilities.”

Al-Bukhaiti assured that the Yemeni Armed Forces are able to strike deep inside the countries of Saudi coalition after developing their military capabilities further.

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