France Reveals Scenes of New Saudi-Emirati Disputes in Yemen

French intelligence revealed, on Tuesday, that Saudi-Emirati disputes have reached their climax in Yemen in conjunction with an unprecedented media campaign against Emirates.

The Intelligence Online website, affiliated with French intelligence, indicated in a report that the new disputes come against the background of UAE signing a security and military agreement with Aden government. Pointing out that the agreement keeps Tariq Saleh’s forces, the Giants, and other factions loyal to Abu Dhabi, away from the Saudi plan to merge the factions loyal to the coalition.

The site explained that the aim of the agreement was to keep Emirates centers of influence, such as Tariq Saleh and the giants, in a way that allows the expansion of UAE’s military deployment in Bab al-Mandab, under her ambition to establish a base in Mayyun.

The site indicated that Saudi Arabia was dissatisfied with the Emirati move; as a result, the representation of UAE in the meetings held by the Chinese ambassador in Riyadh reduced to the lowest level, assigning a prince from the poorest Fujairah, to head the Emirati team.

France’s shedding light on the Saudi-Emirati disputes comes at a time when Saudi Arabia has launched its attack on UAE, in light of the latter moving the factions loyal to it towards Hadhramaut oil plateau.

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