Signs of War…Omani Delegation Did Not Bring New from Saudi Coalition

The ceiling of expectations regarding the results of Omani delegation’s visit to Sana’a and the offers made by the coalition decreased, as his visit ended today without providing anything new regarding the payment of employees’ salaries as a prerequisite for renewing the armistice.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

According to political sources, the coalition still refuses to pay the salaries of all employees according to the 2014 statements, it offers to pay the salaries of specific groups only, which Sana’a rejects and has announced a clear position on it.

According to Al-Bakhiti, the coalition countries seek to stir up internal Yemeni disputes by offering to pay salaries to part of the employees.

It seems that the visit of the Omani delegation marked the end of a period in which the country lived, as Sana’a describes, a state of no peace and no war, which Sana’a sees as a situation that the coalition seeks to perpetuate while arranging its papers and its readiness to continue the war. In addition devoting presence in Yemen, according to a statement by the deputy head of the rescue government, Jalal Al-Ruwaishan.

In light of this situation, the deputy director of Moral Guidance Department in Sana’a, Brigadier General Abdullah bin Amer, confirms that the indicators of reaching a solution are much less than the size of the declared expectations.

Bin Amer points out that “the alternative options are what many Yemenis prefer who have never trusted the aggressor.” The experiment took place with him on the language of force only it forced him to request a truce month ago, and only it will force him to renew it with the vision of Yemenis and their conditions.”

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