Sanaa’s Conditions for Entering New Negotiations

Member of the Sana’a negotiating team, Hamid Asim, on Thursday confirmed that paying salaries and lifting the siege on the ports and Sanaa airport are the entrances to any upcoming negotiations, and they must be met before other files.

Asim said in a press statement that “Sana’a made it clear to everyone that it would not accept the continuation of the state of no peace and no war, and the Yemeni people are dying of hunger while the enemies are looting our oil wealth.”

“The situation cannot remain as it is. Either the salaries are paid or the state of war returns,” he stressed, noting that alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people is a priority by paying salaries from oil and gas resources in any negotiations.

Asim stated that any truce without meeting the demands of Yemeni people would only be in the interest of the coalition countries, explaining that the visit of the Omani delegation to Sanaa comes within the framework of completing the discussions on the past consultations.

The American, British and French move is a colonial move and an attempt to take apart the Yemeni people, Asim added, pointing out that the American moves in Mahra province and elsewhere are not in the interest of Yemen and the region, as it is an aggressor country on local and regional security and stability.

He continued, saying: “The pro-coalition forces are unable to make decisions in their regions, so how will they take decisions that serve the economy at the level of the Republic?”

He added that employees in some occupied provinces remained for months without salaries, and Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the Riyadh-formed presidential council, argued that the operations to prevent the plundering of oil wealth led to stopping salaries in their areas is a lie and a flimsy pretext.

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