New International Movement in Yemen File

Yemen file witnessed an unprecedented international movement, in conjunction with the fears escalation that the war will return to the forefront of the scene in light of the mutual threats.

Western ambassadors, along with the United States, intensified their movement in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

US Ambassador Stephen Fagin and the Swedish envoy to Yemen Peter Simenby met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Aden government. Meanwhile, a delegation from the European Parliament led by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, David McCallister, met with Rashad Al-Alimi.

The delegations stressed, according to official media sources, the necessity of supporting UN envoy to proceed in a comprehensive peace settlement and de-escalation, while other reports talked about those delegations discussing a plan to share oil wealth between Sana’a and Aden, with the aim of solving the problem of preventing Sana’a from exporting oil. Facing the presidential bankruptcy crisis and preventing the return of war.

The sources pointed to Al-Alimi and his government’s attempt to dodge by calling for Western pressure on Sana’a to allow the resumption of oil exports without reaching an agreement regarding its revenues.

The Western-American movement comes at a time when the area of the crisis has widened, with the coalition resuming detention of fuel ships and the renewal of Sana’a, in the words of the Supreme Political Council, warning it from the situation that its enemies are betting on, “a state of no peace and no war.” amid indications to a return for the military option to resolve outstanding issues, including the salary crisis.

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