Omani Delegation Arrives in Capital Sana’a

A delegation from the sisterly Sultanate of Oman arrived at Sana’a International Airport on Wednesday accompanied by the head of Sana’a negotiations delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam.

Over several days visit, the Omani delegation will hold meetings with the leadership about the latest events and developments on the Yemeni scene.

Abdulsalam stated that many meetings have been held with the international community, the Saudi side and the United Nations in Muscat since the end of the armistice.

He stressed that the visit of the Omani delegation comes within the framework of transferring the ideas and proposals that were carried out in the discussions with the Saudi side and international parties to the leadership in Sana’a regarding resolving the situation.

He said “We demand the legitimate and just rights of the Yemeni people, foremost of which is the salary file.

He regretted that the countries of the Saudi coalition targeted the economic file in the forefront of that is the central bank and the currency.

Abdulsalam added, “We were flexible in entering into a sustainable or long truce in which salaries would be paid to all state employees from oil and gas revenues according to the budget of 2014 and to engage in broader discussions that would lead to stopping the war, ending the blockade completely, and the exit of foreign forces from Yemen and then preparing for political dialogue between Yemenis to reach a lasting political solution.

He continued “The path we are on is a practical, real and serious path, given that what we are presenting proves goodwill to overcome the tragedy of the unjust aggressive war against our country, foremost of which is the humanitarian file represented by opening airports and ports and paying salaries.”

The head of the Sana’a delegation said “If we advance in the humanitarian file, we can then enter the other files,” stressing the need to find a solution regarding salaries and that the issue of salaries be separated in all circumstances, whether in war or armistice.

He added, “The Saudi-led coalition makes promises that have no effect regarding the payment of salaries, the end of the war and the siege, and the exit of foreign forces from the country, but when does that start and where do we start?”

Mohammed Abdulsalam praised Oman’s positive role and keenness to achieve peace in Yemen, out of interest that the Sultanate of Oman is a neighboring country to Yemen and is affected negatively or positively by what is happening in it.

He pointed out that the brothers in Oman made a lot of efforts in support of the humanitarian file and the achievement of peace, considering the repeated visits of the Omani delegation to Sana’a as evidence of their positive endeavors.

The head of the national delegation reaffirmed that progress in the humanitarian file represented in the payment of salaries and the opening of airports and ports will entail delving into other files and making progress in them.

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