Al-Alimi Agrees to the Secession of Hadhramaut

Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the Presidential Authority, shocked on Monday, his allies in the authority with a surprising position on the arrangements for announcing the expected secession of Hadhramaut.

Al-Alimi, according to informed sources in Hadhramaut, endorsed the demands of the Hadrami forces to announce the official secession of Hadhramaut.

A number of Hadhrami social and political figures met earlier with Al-Alimi in Riyadh, and official media reported that Al-Alimi assured for the Hadhramis on his full support for their demands.

The meeting came hours before the inauguration of Hadhramaut’s National Day celebration, within the arrangements for separating the oil province within the framework of what is known as “Hadhramaut region.”

Al-Alimi’s position would stir up his opponents in power; the most prominent of them is the transitional government, which refuses to separate Hadhramaut from its authority in Aden.

Al-Alimi had anticipated changes in the leadership of the First Military Region that deployed in the oil plateau in a move described as reassuring to the transitional government and reducing the influence of Islah.

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