Saudi Coalition Plans to Abolish Riyadh-Formed Presidential Council, Dissolve STC

Saudi-led coalition is moving to reshape the form of authority of the so-called the Riyadh Presidential Council as it was during Hadi time, with the aim of concentrating powers in the hands of Rashad Al-Alimi, dissolving the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council and marginalizing the Islah Party, Media sources reported.

The sources said that Saudi Arabia and the UAE agreed to appoint Rashad Al-Alimi as president of the “Republic”, and Abdul Rahman Al-Mahrami as his deputy, with the removal of Faraj Al-Bahsani to the presidency of the Shura Council.

Sources added that the Saudi-Emirati agreement includes the appointment of Khaled Bahah as prime minister, and Tariq Saleh as his deputy for defense and security affairs.

They pointed out that the two countries agreed to exclude the members of the Riyadh Council by appointing them as ambassadors, Aidarus al-Zoubaidi in the United States of America, Abdullah Al-Alimi Bawazir in the United Kingdom, Othman Majali in France, and Sultan Al-Arada in the Russian Federation.

According to the sources, the agreement includes dissolution of Consultation and Reconciliation Commission, the Moeen Abdulmalik’s government and Task Khalid  Bahah to form a government of 32 ministers.

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