Sana’a Forces Fully Prepared to Respond to Any Escalation, (SPC) Says

Pro-Houthis Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, warned of the dangers of the continuation of the state of no peace and no war, which the Saudi-led coalition aims to keep the Republic of Yemen in.

The Council, in its meeting chaired by Mahdi Al-Mashat on Monday, confirmed that Yemen will take the necessary measures when the time is right for that, in order to prevent the coalition’s plan to trap Yemen in this trap.

In the meeting, it was focused on the existing contacts between Yemen and the coalition regarding the talks related to stopping the war and lifting the blockade.

The Council’s members reaffirmed Yemen’s firm stance towards an honorable peace that protects the sovereignty and independence of Yemen and preserves its unity, welcoming all serious steps in this context.

They pointed out that keenness to achieve peace in Yemen should be embodied by responding to the rights of citizens, foremost of which is the payment of salaries to all state employees, and the opening of all Yemeni airports and ports.

The Council stressed the separation of the humanitarian file from the political and military, and that progress in this file is an indicator of credibility in the success of any mediations, contacts or talks.

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