Al-Hirak Al-Janoubi Calls for Moving Demonstrations to Aden

Residents of Radfan district in Lahj governorate continued their protests to condemn the execution of an unarmed young man by the Security Belt Forces affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Translation Council (STC), YPA reported.

The Southern Revolutionary Movement known as ( Al-Hirak Al-Janoubi) called on demonstrators in Radfan to move their protests and expand them to reach the stronghold of the STC in Aden.

Mohammed al-Numani, spokesman for the Revolutionary Southern Movement, commented on the rapid developments in Lahj province, specifically in the districts of Radfan, which are witnessing protests against military forces.

On his twitter account, Al-Numani called to “transfer the angry demonstrations from Radfan to the heart of the revolutionaries, the capital, Aden, to condemn the violations of human rights by the STC forces and their extrajudicial execution of a young man from Radfan.”

He further called for the expansion of the circle of angry demonstrations to include southern cities and provinces.

Al-Numani confirmed that the STC pushed dozens of military reinforcements to quell mass demonstrations, but failed.

He said that these protests, which were launched from Radfan, against the STC’s violations of human rights, executing dissidents, throwing others in UAE-run secret prisons, and physical and psychological torture practices against them.

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