Hodeida: More than 9, 700 Unexploded Ordnances of Coalition Destroyed

The Executive Center for Mine Action destroyed more than 9,700 military of remnants of the Saudi-led coalition that were discovered and collected by field teams operating in Hodeida.

The destruction included mines and warheads from the remnants of the Saudi coalition and its mercenaries that were discovered in areas south of Hodeida during the past months.

The Director of Monitoring and Follow-up at the Executive Centre, Abdulghani al-Dailami, explained that the destruction process included cluster bombs and mines that contaminated the outskirts of Hodeida city and the southern districts, indicating that the center is carrying out its humanitarian duty with the minimum available capabilities.

For his part, the media official at the center, Abdullah Sha’eb, called on international and humanitarian organizations to support the center in bringing in the necessary devices and equipment to carry out its duty to clear the areas contaminated with the remnants of the war from mines, cluster bombs and other explosives.

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