Anssarallah Directs Important Call to Coalition Regarding Armistice

Member of the Political Bureau of Anssarallah, Ali al-Qahoum, on Monday confirmed that the Saudi-led coalition’s prevarication and attempt to circumvent the demands of the Yemeni people is unacceptable.

In a series of tweets on “Twitter”, Al-Qahoum said that “the equations are changing and the reality is different”, calling on the coalition not to bet on the time factor and the misleading movements of the envoys.

Al-Qahoum stressed that “meeting the Yemeni people demands is the only guarantee for the return of the armistice.”

He added that the coalition countries are before clear choices that cannot be circumvented. either meeting all the demands of the Yemeni people seriously and urgently, or bearing the consequences of their intransigence and aggressive behavior.

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