Al-Mahrah: Armed Confrontations Continued between Tribes and Pro-Coalition Gunmen

Violent armed clashes erupted in Al-Mahrah province, on Sunday, between tribes and pro-coalition gunmen-backed by the authority.

Local sources stated that gunmen from Ra’feet tribe attacked security points belonging to Za’anbut tribe, west of Al-Ghaydah city, which led to the outbreak of violent clashes, as a result of which the armed men of both sides were wounded.

It is reported that fierce battles have been going on for three days, between Za’anbut tribes and Ra’fit tribes, to which the pro-UAE presidential governor in Al-Mahrah, Muhammad Ali Yasser, belongs, following disputes over the robbery of a piece of land.

Earlier, Al-Mahrah sit-in committee accused Rashad Al-Alimi of “igniting the fire of discord among Al-Mahrah tribes.” In order to eliminate the popular movement against the foreign forces and their factions, which are stationed in the border province.”

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