Did Saudi Coalition Decide to Get Rid of Its Allies in Yemen?

As soon as the Yemeni street wakes up from the shock of the corruption of a particular government, it will be slapped with the second.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

As if the director this time wanted to strip the authority loyal to the coalition, which has been consumed over the past eight years of the war on Yemen, so what are the dimensions of the recent leaks?

The scandals of the Higher Education have not ended till another corruption of diplomatic missions was exposed, amid talk by activists about other documents related to oil and gas sectors, which is devastating.

These official documents reveal a heavy legacy of corruption what is described as an organized gang, referring to Aden government and the presidential authority, that no denied by officials who rushed to confirm it, by trying to accuse others of doing it and talking about the system of government, and its current political structure, which is an extension to the previous regime.

No one knows until now who is behind the leak of these documents, he is certainly a higher ranking official than Rashad Al-Alimi himself. Nor is it intended at this difficult time in the life of Aden government and the Presidential Council, which are suffering from bankruptcy, in light of Sana’a preventing the export of oil in their favor, and the coalition’s refusal to support them, However, indications on the ground confirm that a member of GNA may be behind all of this, especially after he recently adopted a campaign against Aden government, in the jet fuel deal, he published documents about the seizure of Maeen the prime minister of Aden government only $45 million per month for charging one dollar for every liter of fuel sold to the airline, in exchange for the supplier handing over the deal and without bidding, the member actually succeeded in forcing Maeen to give up his gains and reduce ticket prices by about 30%, according to what was announced by the Yemenia airline.

However, this does not exclude the role of an external party, especially Saudi Arabia, which refused to hand over the deposit and formed a special committee to manage the presidential political and military affairs, after referring the economic file to the Arab Monetary Fund.

So far, Saudi Arabia appears to be the party that benefits the most from the current situation, which is somewhat similar to the leaking of the special committee’s statements after “Houthis” took control of Sana’a the Yemeni pro-Riyadh powers fled after they were counting on them for confrontation.

The current situation in the south is similar to the era before “Anssarallah” entered Sana’a.

It is an indication that the coalition, which assigned a Saudi military delegate to the Presidential Council, has begun arranging its papers, and the factions affiliated with it in Yemen, especially since the leaks are nothing but a result of a caesarean section to abort the pro-coalition forces and weaken it by dismantling it militarily, and the reduction of its political influence, starting with Islah Party and ending with the transitional government, and before them the Saleh conference, which caused it to fall into December strife that ended with the death of its founder. But what is not yet understood is whether the leaks were blackmailing the pro-coalition forces and brought her back to the house of obedience voluntarily, or the beginning of the end for her future.

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