Aden PM Warns of Bankruptcy of His Government

Maeen Abdul Malik the prime minister of Aden Government revealed on Wednesday, his government’s fears of bankruptcy, and this comes at a time when the coalition refused to release the deposit and Sana’a continued to prevent smuggling of oil wealth.

Exclusive alkhabar Yemeni:

During the past hours, Maeen Abdul-Malik intensified his attempts to search for alternatives to the financial crisis afflicting his government in Aden.

Maeen told the head of the Supreme Commission for Combating Corruption that his government is facing a difficult situation and that it needs sources of income. He hinted at opening the files of the corrupt in his government to confiscate their savings, in addition to putting pressure on the local authorities at the province level to supply revenues to bridge the large deficit in his government’s daily expenditures.

In the context, Maeen organized a first meeting with the governors of the provinces in the areas under his government’s control in the south and east of the country, and demanded that they provide revenues to the government’s accounts.

Sources in Maeen government reported that the meeting, which was held on Tuesday evening, was marred by tension due to flirting between Maeen and some governors who reject his proposals to provide him with the resources of the local authorities and consider them an attempt to bankrupt them.

Maeen moves, which come after he was informed by the Americans of the impossibility of deploying defense systems to secure the oil export process from the ports of eastern Yemen due to its danger to the situation, and the state of panic among his government in light of the failure of his efforts to resume oil exports from the ports of eastern Yemen and the coalition’s refusal to save him with a deposit of three billion dollars.

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