Yemeni Tribe Announces Formation of Military Brigade, Invites “Tribes of Najd and Hijaz”

Al-Ali tribes in Al-Jawf province announced, on Monday, the formation of “Dhu Ali Al-Ali” military brigade to go to the battlefronts against the coalition and its loyal factions to take revenge.

This came after announcing the alert in response to the Saudi regime’s crime of killing the expatriate Ali Atef Al-Ali.

In a statement, Al-Ali tribes called on “Najd and Hijaz tribes, out of brotherhood and the tribe, to carry out their responsibilities and determine their position towards the Saudi regime’s crimes against Yemenis and non-Yemenis.” Considering the murder of one of her sons “a disgrace that is prohibited by the customs of the Yemeni and Arab tribes and various international laws.

The Yemeni tribe condemned “the international silence towards the crimes of the Saudi regime. They call for the formation of an independent commission of inquiry on these crimes and the prosecution of the perpetrators.”

The State Security Agency in Riyadh, in mid-November, killed the Yemeni expatriate, Al-Ali, after kidnapping him from his workplace and torturing him by beating and then suffocating him.

Meanwhile, the Saudi authorities threatened some relatives of the expatriate, Al Ali, with imprisonment if they continued their demands for a criminal autopsy or obtain a security report about the incident.

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