Statistics of 2,800 Days of War, 47,673 Yemeni Civilians Killed, Injured

The Eye Humanity Center for Rights and Development on Saturday revealed that the civilian victims of the Saudi-led coalition war on Yemen within 2,800 days of the war amount to 47,673 civilians, including 18,013 dead and 29,660 wounded.

According to a report issued by the Center, 4,061 children were killed and 4,739 wounded, 2,454 women were killed and 2,966 others injured, and 11,498 men were killed and 21,955 others were injured.

With regard to service facilities, the center explained that the coalition destroyed 598,737 homes, 182 university facilities, 1,679 mosques, 379 tourist facilities, and 415 hospitals and health facilities during 2,800 days.

The center added that the coalition destroyed 1,242 schools and educational centers, 140 sports facilities, 255 archaeological sites, 61 media facilities, and 10,803 agricultural fields.

Regarding infrastructure, the center confirmed that the coalition aircraft targeted 15 airports, 16 ports, 344 power stations, 7,099 roads and bridges, and destroyed 616 networks and telecommunication stations, 2,974 reservoirs and water networks, and 2,101 government facilities.

In its report, the Center stated that the coalition targeted 407 factories, 385 fuel tankers, 12,030 commercial establishments, and 454 chicken and livestock farms.

The center added that the coalition destroyed 10,112 means of transportation, 998 food trucks, 700 markets, 485 fishing boats, 1,014 food stores, and 425 fuel stations within 2,800 days.

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