Over 8,000 Yemen Children Killed by Coalition Fires

Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development has released a report documenting the victims of the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Yemen, from the beginning of the war in March 2015 until today, saying that it documented the fall of tens of thousands of victims.

The center clarified that his report documented over 8605 children affected by war between them 4017, dead and 4588 injured during eight years of war on Yemen, pointing out that the report documents cases of children affected by the effects of prohibited weapons used by the Saudi-led coalition.

Head of the center, Ahmed Abu Hamra, said during a press conference, the report contains international laws and humanitarian charters that guarantee the protection of civilians, which were blown up by the Saudi coalition in its war on the Yemeni people, considering that the rules of international and humanitarian law and international human rights are just ink on paper.

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