Saudi Coalition Begins Linking Marib Oil to Shabwah

The Saudi coalition directs a severe blow to Islah party, the de facto authority in Marib, with his decision to connect Marib oil fields to the export port in Shabwah through a special pipeline, instead of the land transportation operation that the party and its leaders used to obtain privileges for millions of dollars monthly.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Transitional Council’s media reported on the start of arrangements for laying an 82-kilometer oil pipeline extends from the oil fields in Marib and Shabwah to the main oil exporting port of Al-Nashimah on the Arabian Sea. Noting that the pipeline may transport about 54,000 barrels of Marib oil per day.

The sources pointed out that the start of the arrangements made by the government of Moein through the Intrax Middle East company, aroused the ire of what they described as the “Brotherhood.”

  Those who are trying to disrupt the project after they were the most enthusiastic during their authority over Shabwa.

The new pipeline may end the concessions that Ali Mohsen and others who were acquiring to transport oil from the production fields in Marib by land to the reservoirs of Sector S4 in Shabwah. It is exported through an old Russian pipeline that extends to the port of export in Al Nashimah.

The decision to transport the oil through pipelines, according to the sources, may end the looting and smuggling of oil.

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