Saudi Arabia Supports Al-Alimi Marginalizing Remaining Members of Presidency Council

A Saudi official revealed, on Saturday, that his country had dispensed with members of the Presidential Council loyal to it in southern Yemen.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

This coincides with the intensification of the conflict between Riyadh and a number of members.

Abdullah Al Hatilah, assistant editor-in-chief of the official Saudi newspaper Okaz, indicated that his country has become dependent on Rashad Al-Alimi, whom he described as the man of the stage agreed upon by all Yemeni components, regionally and internationally, in reference to giving him a light by acting as president.

Al Hatilah’s tweet, who considered the most prominent theoretician of Saudi foreign policy, comes in light of a new crisis afflicting the authority of GNA, the most prominent of which is the rebellion of its members, especially Al-Aradah and Aidros Al-Zubaidi, who reject the plan to dismantle their factions and ending their political and military influence in Marib and Aden.

Saudi Arabia had already succeeded in neutralizing a number of members, most notably Faraj al-Bahsani, who dismissed him from the post of governor, and the commander of the second military, in addition to Abdullah al-Akimi, who was neutralized in Shabwah, not to mention Osman Majali, who is only has the position, there is only Tariq Saleh and Abu Zaraa Al-Mahrami, who are marketed by Saudi Arabia as deputies for the south and north.

Saudi Arabia is seeking to reduce the members of the authority it formed a few months ago; it has become a burden on it and warns from wide conflicts in its ranks.

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