Sana’a Anticipates US Moves with Naval Exercises

Sana’a forces began on Saturday, naval military exercises ahead of US moves to militarize Yemen’s maritime space.
Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:
The spokesperson of Maeen brigade, Abdo Magali, claimed that Sana’a forces fired anti-ship missiles, which fell in the middle of the sea.
Media outlets affiliated with the coalition have talked since last Thursday, about naval exercises for what they described as “Houthis”.
Sana’a exercises come days before the United States deployed hundreds of ships marching off Yemen’s territorial waters with the aim of militarizing it.
US media quoted on US military officials as saying that the Navy is preparing to deploy more than 100 drone ships in the Gulf waters to confront what it described as “Iranian threats.”
The drones deployed as part of an American strategy to control maritime navigation from the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea and passing through the Gulf of Aden.
The Plan began at the beginning of this year with the announcement of a coalition of 63 countries that participated in maneuvers and exercises led by United States and Israel, but Saudi Arabia was absent.
Last October, a naval force formed under the command of US Fifth Fleet, whose mission is to manage maritime navigation in the region surrounding Yemen.
The current moves indicate that Washington has intensified spreading fears among regional countries recently, speaking of seizing weapons and shipments of missile fuel that are destined to detonate the military situation at sea.
It is noteworthy that the intelligence chief of Sana’a forces, Major General Abu Ali al-Hakim, had previously warned of an unprecedented battle to defend Yemen’s maritime borders.

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