Dozens of Yemeni Girls Return to Socotra after Being Trained in UAE

About 25 Yemeni girls returned on Wednesday to the occupied Yemeni island of Socotra after being trained in UAE to complete a security and intelligence course, Yemen press agency reported.

Sources familiar with the island stated that the girls underwent intensive security courses in Abu Dhabi since the beginning of last September, after they were carefully selected by the Khalifa Foundation, the UAE intelligence arm in Socotra last August.

The sources indicated that the UAE has worked to attract girls between the ages of “15-22 years” during the past three years, and to convince their families who receive financial and food assistance through the “Khalifa Foundation” that the girls will have fixed salaries in UAE dirhams.

In 2019, the UAE recruited the first batch of Socotra girls, who received security training and courses at the hands of Emirati and foreign officers, believed to be Americans and Israelis.

The UAE continues its activities by obliterating the Yemeni identity on the island of Socotra, and destroying the rare natural and marine environment, by establishing a joint military base with the Israeli navy and centers for control and marine reconnaissance in a number of areas of the island since 2020.

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