IRFO: Yemeni Expatriate Murdered by Saudi State Security

Insan Rights and Freedoms Organization revealed that it had received a communication from the family of expatriate Yemeni citizen in Saudi Arabia Ali Atef Hadhban al-Aliey that he was subjected to a heinous murder in Riyadh, at the hands of the Saudi State Security Service members.

The organization explained in a statement SABA had received a copy on Monday, according to evidence provided by the family of the 24-year-old al-Aliey from Al-Mahwit province, he was abducted from near his place of work and concealed, he was beaten and then strangled.

The evidence indicates that the al-Aliey citizen received threats before being kidnapped by WhatsApp from a State security number in Saudi Arabia, he received the last threat on 9 September 2022, to be disconnected hours after his threat, before his body appeared at al-Manar Police Department in Riyadh capital.

The organization confirmed that Saudi security services worked to conceal the crime and buried the body of al-Aliey expatriate at night, without any legal process. Some of his relatives were also threatened by the Saudi authorities with imprisonment if they continued their demands for an autopsy or a security report on the crime.

The statement considered that the expatriate Ali Hadhban al-Aliey was subjected to a horrific crime reflecting the brutal behaviors of the Saudi regime, and his violation of all the laws. Noting that this crime is not the first to be subjected to Yemeni expatriates by the Saudi authorities.

Insan Organization called on all United Nations bodies and international human rights organizations to conduct extensive investigations into this and other crimes of the Saudi regime, ending them and punishing perpetrators in accordance with international laws and instruments.

While condemning this brutal crime committed by the Saudi authorities against an unarmed expatriate, the organization asserted that it was pursuing the collection of complete evidence and full information on the crime and a complete report will be issued at a later date.

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