The Reality of Saudi-UAE Aspirations in Yemen

The objectives of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in their war on Yemen have been exposed, and their real obstacles have emerged to the surface, as evidenced by Saudi Arabia’s going to the provinces of Hadramawt and Mahra with its military forces, they are provinces far from conflict and military confrontations, focusing on islands, coasts and eastern provinces.

Today, Saudi Arabia sees war-torn Yemen, the main party in its aggression, as a favourable opportunity to stretch a pipeline to transport Saudi crude oil through Yemeni territory, the main objective for which the countries of aggression led by Saudi Arabia intervened with the support of a British American, but because of the length of time of the war, Saudi Arabia and the UAE revealed their true aspirations in Yemen, this was reflected in the control of Yemen’s strategic ports and islands and the sources of oil wealth and keeping them under their control directly or through militias loyal to them.


The length of time of Yemen’s war, which has exceeded seven years, is a candidate to continue indefinitely due to the hidden Saudi-UAE conflict on their interests in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have taken the Yemeni war as a justification for intervening in Yemen to achieve their interests and aspirations in Yemeni territory.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are messing with the southern and eastern provinces and Yemen’s islands, perhaps the most prominent manifestation of this absurdity is the demographic changes in Yemen’s islands such as the deportation of residents and the bringing of people from other provinces, loyal to the occupation, as well as military establishments such as the construction of naval airports and bases with the assistance of Israeli, American and British military experts, as well as the systematic dredging of the environmental component, especially in the Socotra archipelago, and the temptation and intimidation of indigenous peoples to force them to accept the occupation, and firmly suppress any anti-occupation movements.

These measures were not exercised by the British occupation during its occupation of southern Yemen for 128 years, The United Arab Emirates did not take into account its dealings with Yemen’s islands and coastal cities, such as Mocha and Aden, any inviolability nor it’s deterred by any links to Arabism, religion and neighboring.

The State of the United Arab Emirates is worse than the old colonialism, and this is evident in its blatant intervention in Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Syria and other countries.

The nature of UAE’s foreign policy is noteworthy; It wants to present itself as a regional State with international weight, but what this State does not want to understand is that it does not possess the necessary elements and qualifications to do so either geographically, demographically, militarily not industrially, not even historically, a state that is more like a market for Western products and is sure to have lost its Arab and Islamic affiliation and become a state without identity.


The Source: Saba News Agency – Sana’a

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