Quarter Billion Dollars Confiscated from Accounts of Islah Governor of Marib

The competent authorities in the Saudi coalition confiscated on Sunday, several accounts belonging to the governor of Islah in Marib Sultan Al-Aradah, coinciding with the official handing over of the city’s file to the transitional, which indicates arrangements for his removal.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Fadl al-Naqqash, head of STC branch in Yafa, said the coalition confiscated approximately $354 million from multiple accounts belonging to Sultan al-Arada.

Al-Naqqash indicated in a post on his official page on social media that Al-Aradah confessed to these accounts during an investigation session with him in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has been holding al-Aradah for weeks, and has previously rejected demands to allow him to return to Marib, it also pressures on him to step down the authority in the oil province.

It is not yet clear whether the confiscation of Aradah’s accounts was part of a series of pressure on him to hand over Marib authority or within the trend of reducing presidential members, but its coincidence with the Transitional handing over Marib file indicates that his page is folded.

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