Huge Fire Destroyed 60 Tents for Displaced in Al-Khokha

A massive fire broke out on Saturday in Al-Jisha camp in Al-Khokha district, which is under the control of the coalition, south of Hodeidah province, leaving heavy damage.

According to human rights sources, the fire that broke out in AL-Jisha camp for poor families south of Al-Khokha, devoured about 60 “nest” tents, some of which are made of wood and grass residues inhabited by Tihama’s sons, who were expelled by the coalition forces from their areas and converted into military barracks, during the past years.

The sources confirmed that the fire caused serious damage to the neighboring tents, without mentioning any human losses among the people and the reasons behind the outbreak of fire in the camp, which shelters 1,200 families forced by the coalition fire to leave their homes in Tihama.

Activists accused the coalition authorities in Al-Khokha district of exploiting the incident to start trading their suffering under the banner of humanity, and seizing the aid provided to them from international organizations or from businessmen and philanthropists.

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