Sana’a Intelligence Reveals Possible Battle with Saudi Coalition

Head of the Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Authority in Sana’a, Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Hakim, revealed on Thursday the expectations of the most awaited battle with the Saudi-led coalition.

During the celebration of graduation of the batch of 38 officers from the Intelligence Command, Al-Hakim stressed that the graduation of this batch came within the framework of keeping pace with the revolutionary and political directives in the political, economic and military aspects.

He pointed out that the current stage requires more training and rehabilitation, after the coalition countries have focused on the intelligence and cultural aspects and given the maritime side an important priority.

Al-Hakim noted that the coalition has not reached the point of peace in Yemen despite the truce that it is seeking to achieve its ambitions, stressed the importance of strengthening the systems of deterrence, militarily and economically.

“Two naval messages have reached the enemy, that we will not remain silent about the suffering of our people and the survival of the siege, and the coming messages will be stronger and more grievous,” he added.

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