Blesses Decision to Expel “Brotherhood”, American Ambassador Visited Hadhramaut

The US ambassador to Yemen, Stephen Fagin, expressed on Tuesday, his support for the governor of the conference in Hadhramaut, this coincides with his arrival in Mukalla, hours after the governor’s decision to start expelling the factions affiliated with Islah party from the oil plateau, amid US efforts to take over the insurance and protection file.

The office of Hadhramaut governor, Mabkhout bin Madi, indicated in a statement that the ambassador, who arrived with a security and economic delegation, informed him of his full support for his new directions. He discussed security efforts and what he described as “fighting terrorism” and securing oil installations.

The governor of the conference in Hadhramaut had issued a decision to start replacing what he described as the “Hadrami Elite” in place of Islah-affiliated factions spread in Hadhramaut valley and desert, known as the “first military.”

The decision stipulated handing over the deposit outlet to an elite battalion trained by UAE, and the decision, which is among the arrangements to remove the first military, was blessed by Hadhrami political and tribal forces.

The reference of the Tribes Alliance and Hadhramaut All-Inclusive Conference issued statements calling for the speedy implementation to the governor’s decision to replace Hadhrami factions instead of Islah forces.

The decision coincided with news about the approval of Aden government during its mid-week session on an American request to hand over the file of securing and protecting oil fields and facilities to the American forces, which recently strengthened their review in Hadhramaut.

The arrival of the ambassador at this time carries several messages, most notably to Islah factions, that are expected to reject the decisions, another is to support the governor who is facing pressure from the transitional and Islah parties, in addition to stabilizing the American presence on the oil province.

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