To Avoid Threats to Sana’a, Aden Government Adopts New Measures to “Smuggle” Oil

Aden government revealed the details of its new plan to smuggle Yemeni oil after Sana’a’s decision to prevent its export through the main ports.

Exclusive-alkhabar akyemenu:

Government sources reported that Maeen Abul-Malik, prime minister of Aden government, had admitted, during a meeting with a number of his government ministers in Aden, that it was devoted to discussing facing the repercussions of Sanaa’s ban on Yemen’s oil export.

A two-pronged plan, the first of which is to approve an American request to secure the oil and gas fields in the east of the country, and the other to use smuggling ports to transport shipments out to sea.

The United States had reinforced its forces stationed at Al-Rayyan Airport in Hadhramaut coast, hours after the government of Aden officially announced approval of the plan to secure the oil fields and installations.

Work has also been reactivated at the primitive Qena port in Shabwah, which has been known for decades to be used to smuggle fuel, it was stopped following disputes between the former Shabwah authority, Ahmed Al-Essi. The sources indicated the intention of Aden government to open more smuggling ports, most notably Qishn in Al-Mahrah.

Although the new plan is expensive due to the use of trucks to transport fuel from production fields to the port, and the absence of infrastructure and tanks, as well as small smuggling ships from those ports, however, Aden government is trying to secure enough funds and keep the foreign oil companies operating, which threatened to stop production, with export tanks full and the failure to reach an agreement, security concerns are allayed.

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