Al-Zubaidi Prevented from Participating, Meeting of STC in Aden Failed

The differences ravaged in the session of the Transitional Council Presidency in Aden, which was dedicated to discussing the current developments in the south, and it aimed to dismiss the council.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in the Council stated that the weekly session that was held today was marred by many accusations of employment for Saudi Arabia and UAE, and reached the point of slander between members of the Presidency, which necessitated its dissolution.

STC did not announce the statement of the closing session, which was expected to include a new escalation and warnings to Saudi Arabia from the consequences of moves to end the council’s influence in Aden.

The sources indicated that the absence of Al-Zubaidi from the session and his prevention from participating via closed-circuit television from his residence in UAE capital prevented taking a unified position; it is likely that Al-Zubaidi has already agreed to the decision to dismantle the southern forces and hand over Aden.

Aden, the most prominent stronghold of the transitional government, is going through a dangerous juncture with Saudi Arabia’s decision to deploy new forces in it and the start of evacuating the transitional factions out of the city, as part of arrangements to restore the Presidential Council.

STC did not announce any official position except for conflicting statements by leaders, the latest of which was the head of the Negotiations Affairs Unit, Nasser Al-Khubaji who threatened to impose self-management and disengagement from the presidential council.

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