Sana’a University Holds First Remote Scientific Discussion

Sana’a University held the public discussion of the master’s thesis submitted by researcher Balqis Al-Badani (online). It is considered the first scientific thesis to be discussed through visual communication technology.

The researcher is currently residing in the United States of America.

Al-Badani’s message, which was in the field of Islamic history, bore the name “Scientific Life in Ibb during the Era of the Prophetic State,” and the discussion process took place “according to the regulations and conditions of scientific research applicable in the presence discussions.”

“Al-Sabah” website quoted on the Vice President of Sana’a University for Graduate Studies, Dr. Ibrahim Luqman, he said, “the university will work to avoid mistakes and improving them to hold scientific discussions online for students or supervisors who are unable to attend due to the current circumstances and conditions.

He pointed out that “the university did not open the door to remote study for everyone, but rather for students who had previously communicated with the supervisor in attendance and were stranded, and they were unable to complete the public discussion, stressing that the postgraduate Studies prosecution will not allow distance learning except for reasons are convinced of,” according to the source.

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