Emirati Navy Target European Boats off Western Coast of Yemen

Foreign boats were targeted on Sunday, by Emirati forces off the western coast of Yemen.

Exclusive alkhabar alyemeni:

Fishermen reported that armed men under the supervision of UAE forces targeted two yachts that were carrying a number of foreign travelers, during their passage near the coast of Mocha, which is a strategic stronghold for Tariq Saleh.

Tariq’s factions admitted the incident, but tried to justify it by claiming that the two yachts had drifted in international waters, and it intervened to save six people from their crew, who hold both French and Italian nationalities.

Tariq received foreigners at the port of Mocha in an attempt to stave off the targeting scandal. The new incident could trigger an international conflict over the most important sea strait around the world in Bab al-Mandab Strait and summoning more foreign forces to a region experiencing tension due to regional and international ambitions to seize its strategic location.

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