Saudi Coalition Detains Governor of Marib

The Islah party, (the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), said on Saturday the Saudi-led coalition is detaining Sultan al-Arada, the governor of Marib in Aden government, Sana’a-based Yemen press agency reported.

Media outlets published the demands of Abdullah Bin Aboud al-Sharif, the son of the head of Islah branch in Marib, to speed up the return of al-Arada, who is detained in Saudi Arabia, considering his return to the city more important than the authority of the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council.

“The return of Al-Arada is necessary and let presidential council go to hell,” Abdullah Bin Aboud al-Sharif wrote on his twitter account.

Al-Arada is one of the eight council members detained by the coalition since they were summoned weeks ago.

Marib is witnessing military developments, indicating Islah’s fears of repercussions on its influence in the oil province.

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