First Comment from Sana’a Regarding Coalition’s Militarization of Mayoun Island

An official source in pro-Houthis local authority in Taiz province, on Saturday condemned what the Saudi-led coalition is doing on the Yemeni island of Mayoun in terms of displacement of citizens, developments and criminal acts.

The source explained in a press statement that the coalition is displacing the island’s residents, replacing them with new settlers, and building military bases and housing units to bring about a demographic change on the island, in an attempt to separate it from the identity and cultural and historical values that link it to Taiz province.

The source stressed that what the occupier is doing represents a blatant interference and a grave violation of Yemeni sovereignty, a crime witnessed by the international community, and a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the Arab League, and the Yemeni constitution.

He denounced the coalition’s continuation of its hostile policy and unwillingness to achieve peace, stop the war on Yemen, lift the siege and end the occupation, which reveals its malicious intentions and the falseness of what it claims in its statements of its desire to extend the truce.

The source warned the coalition of the consequences of continuing its aggressive behavior and its foolishness, for which the Yemeni people and their leadership will not tolerate such behavior and will liberate every inch of the homeland.

He called on the United Nations and its bodies to clearly condemn these hostile acts and work hard to stop the war on Yemen, lift the siege and end the occupation, as it is an war against a free, independent and sovereign state.

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