Sana’a Calls Russia to Stop Disposing Yemeni Embassy Properties in Moscow

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in government of Sana’a, Eng. Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, sent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov.

The letter included a demand for the intervention of the Russian government to help preserve the property of the Republic of Yemen in the Russian Federation, and not to respond to the request of some foreign officials of the government loyal to Riyadh, to relinquish the headquarters of the Yemeni embassy and the residence of the ambassador in Moscow which was granted by the Russian government to Yemen.

He stressed the need to postpone any steps or procedures in this regard until the post-war stage, pointing out that the future government and authorities in Sana’a would then work to develop a mechanism to address any problems related to the properties of Yemeni diplomatic missions and consulates abroad.

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