Mahrah Adheres to Foreign Forces Exit, Threatens Military Actions

The Peaceful Sit-in Committee in Al-Mahrah province renewed, on Wednesday, its adherence to the exit of foreign forces, at the same time, insisting on resorting to military action in the event that foreign forces do not respond with peaceful action.

During a meeting chaired by Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, to discuss developments and events, the committee confirmed, “the departure of foreign forces from AlMahrah province is the goal of the peaceful sit-in committee.” Warning that: “If these forces do not respond with peaceful action, the sit-in committee is ready for military action to achieve the goals of the sit-in committee.”

The meeting stressed on working as one team behind Sheikh Al-Huraizi, and achieving the desired goals, and the exit of all foreign forces from the province.

Saudi Arabia decided yesterday, to appoint a commander of Al-Ghaydah military axis affiliated with the Transitional Council (STC). “As part of a plan that aims to hand over Al-Mahrah province, located at the intersection of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, to the militia affiliated with UAE,” according to the source.

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