American Landing in Hadhramaut with Movement of USS Cole

A US military team arrived in Hadhramaut province, which is rich in oil and gas, eastern Yemen on a second visit in a matter of weeks; this coincides with the start of United States new pressure on Aden government to achieve economic and military gains before pushing for a comprehensive peace in Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

American delegation met with the governor of the GPC party in Hadhramaut, Mabkhout bin Madi, Bin Madi only released pictures with the team, attempts to portray him as a civilian although he wore the military uniforms of US Navy.

The team had visited a few weeks ago the coastal Broom district, in parallel, other US companies began sending delegations to explore investments in the oil and fisheries sectors, even sea tongues and ports.

And the American moves in this province, which has a strategic location on the Arabian Sea, it comes within the framework of repositioning its forces that withdrew from Afghanistan and were redeployed to bases in eastern Yemen and Somalia.

The visit of the military delegation coincided with the reactivation to the file of US destroyer “USS Cole”, which was attacked more than twenty years ago off the coast of Aden, indicates that US administration continues to pressure on Aden government and local authorities in the coalition-controlled areas in southern and eastern Yemen to pass plans for the future of the American presence in the region.

The American blackmail came with the devastating paper after France succeeded in passing the deal to purchase Yemeni liquefied gas from Balhaf at $3 per million thermal units, after moving the file of the Yemeni plane crash off the Comoros coast, which the French Navy accuses of targeting it.

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