Preparations in Sana’a for Full Normalization with Gulf States

The Yemeni capital, Sana’a, is preparing for entire normalization with Gulf region. This coincides with the approaching of a new deadline for international and regional parties to end the state of no war and no peace amid an international movement to push for a comprehensive political settlement.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Diplomatic sources said that delegations from UAE and Saudi Arabia were preparing to visit Sana’a, accompanied by a delegation from the Sultanate of Oman, which is sponsoring negotiations between Sana’a and the parties to regional war.

It is expected that the new delegations will hold meetings with the leaders of Anssarallah movement “Houthis” and present new offers in order to extend the truce. Media reports had reported that new progress had been made in the file of negotiations in Muscat, with the coalition’s approval to include retirees, including military and security personnel, to the list of those covered by the salaries.

The new Gulf movement in Sana’a came with a leak about the expiry of a deadline given by Sanaa to regional and international parties in order to reach an agreement on humanitarian entitlements to extend the armistice. There were only a few days left.

The Minister of Defense in the rescue Government, Major General Muhammad al-Atifi, visited the fighting fronts in Marib, accompanied by military leaders, earlier this week. The minister identified two options for the coalition, a truce and salaries, or missiles and drones.

The parties to the Gulf war fear a return to the option of military escalation, especially at this difficult time in which it is going through as a result of the breakdown of its relations with its international sponsors, particularly the United States.

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