Including Ex. President, Sana’a Trying Leaders in “Legitimacy” on Charges of Killing, Torturing Prisoners

Sana’a Central Military District Court held Monday its sixth public hearing to try 18 traitors accused of participating in the killing of 26 prisoners of Sana’a forces and people’s committees (Houthis’ fighters) were killed in 2015.

According to Houthi-run Saba news agency, the 26 prisoners were killed after falling into captivity with fighting fronts in the provinces of Taiz, Marib, Aden and Hodeida, as well as torture and humiliation of the prisoners and nine others were handed over to States of the Saudi-led coalition in exchange for sums of money.

The Court upheld the seizure of the case for sentencing of the accused being tried:

Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi

Ali Mohsen Saleh al-Ahmar

Muhammad Ali Ahmed al-Maqdashi

Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh

Sagher Ben Aziz al-Sufiani

Hashim Abdullah Hussein al-Ahmar

Hani Ahmed bin Buraik

Hamdi Hussein Shukri al-Suabihi

Abdulghani Ali Ahmed Sha’lan

Ali Hassan Ahmed Ghraib

Mabkhot Aboud Rabi al-Sharif

Salim Ahmed Saleh Samran

Naji Ali Saied Amer Munif

Khaled Mabkhot al-Arada

Mahdi Mahdi Jaber Al-Hatef

Ahmed Ali Hanshal Abu Osama

Nasr Ali Ushan

Saif Abdulrab Qasim Ahmed al-shadadi

The Fifth Military District Court of Sana ‘a also held its eighth public hearing to try those accused of the crime of execution and torture of 11 prisoners of the army and people’s committees on the west coast.

The Court approved the case’s seizure for sentencing at the next hearing.

The accused being tried are: –

Brigadier General Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh

Brigadier General Murad al-Shara’i

Abdullah Hassan Abdullah al-Zawraqi

Talal Yousef Ali

Mohammed Abdullah Qahtan

Mujahid Azi Hadrami

Bassam al-A’ajam

Mohammed Abdullah Salih al-Baslani

Mohammed al-Harbi

Sami Haji

Abdullah al-A’ajam

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