Hodeida: Fishermen Protest, Condemn Coalition’s Looting of Marine Wealth

Yemeni Fishermen in Hodeida province on Sunday organized a protest to denounce the looting, the destruction of the marine wealth, and the piracy carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen’s territorial waters.

During the protest, Hodeida provinces Undersecretary for Culture and Media Affairs, Ali Qishr, affirmed the Yemeni people’s rejection of the criminal practices carried out by the Saudi coalition to waste marine wealth and the unjust dredging of fish, marine life and coral reefs in the Red and Arab Seas which is a flagrant violation to international conventions.

They called for standing together to prevent such practices carried out by the Saudi coalition, to loot the marine wealth, which represents a right for the Yemeni people and a source of income for many workers.

The deputy governor stressed that the Yemeni people will not remain idly by regarding such practices carried out by the Saudi coalition.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Fisheries, Mustafa Hataba, referred to the legendary steadfastness of Hodeida’s fishermen, despite the dangers they are faced by the Saudi coalition.

He demanded that all measures be taken to prevent the looting of marine wealth in the Red Sea, pointing out that many fishing companies, affiliated with the coalition countries, exploited the fish wealth and dredged them illegally under the protection of the battleships of Saudi coalition.

Hataba stressed the importance of everyone’s role in protecting and preserving fisheries and taking all measures to prevent their looting and depletion.

For his part, Director General of Ports and Fishing Landings, Aziz Atini, pointed out the importance of working together to prevent such practices and take deterrent measures to stop the looting that affects the fish sector.

A statement issued by the protest condemned the systematic looting of marine wealth in the Red Sea by the Saudi-Emirati coalition.

The statement denounced the piracy practiced against fishermen, kidnapping, attacks, confiscation of their boats and not allowing them to practice the fishing profession, which is the main source of income and their only source of livelihood.

It condemned the silence of the international community and all international human rights and human rights organizations, calling for taking firm stances against these aggressive and irresponsible behaviors to stop the tampering with the marine environment and the destruction of fisheries.

The statement called on the concerned authorities to consider all foreign fishing vessels as legitimate targets for the missile force, the navy and the air force.

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