Lahj: Fierce Fights Blow up between Sana’a Forces and UAE-Backed Soldiers

Lahj province witnessed on Sunday, violent battles between the forces of Sana’a on the one hand, and the militias backed by UAE on the other, in which dozens of people were killed and wounded on both sides.

A large-scale military attack was carried out by UAE-backed militias stationed in “Al-Dhawari” mountains and reinforced by fighters from UAE-backed “Support Brigade”, which were reinforced from Yafa’ areas to launch military attacks towards the positions of Sana’a forces in Karish area of Qubaita district.

This comes hours later, from recruits of the “Fifth Brigade” of the coalition forces carried out an artillery shelling targeting the positions of Sana’a army in Karish.

The sources reported that UAE militia retreated under the pressure of Sana’a forces fighters fire to its areas without achieving any military progress on the ground, especially after it incurred heavy losses in lives and equipment during the confrontations, in which dozens were killed and wounded, most notably the killing of the field commander “Mohammed Swaid Al-Basousi” and the commander of his bodyguard “Hadi Al-Subaihi” and the injury of the leader “Shalal Sawad”.

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