Islah Party Carnivals Military Forces on Saudi Borders

The Islah Party carried out on Saturday an unprecedented military parade on the Saudi borders.

This coincides with the escalation of tension with the Saudi-led coalition amid the completion of the cycles of uprooting the party from power.

Southern media reported that the head of the Islah branch in Marib, Aboud al-Sharif, posted photos and videos on his social media page, showing hundreds of armed men on board military vehicles and armored vehicles, and others in combat vehicles, as they flocked to a landfill set up by Islah in the name of Duhm and Bakil tribes against Saudi Arabia and at its border with Yemen.

Islah party had requested support from Arhab and Khawlan tribes in the areas under the control of the Sana’a government.

Although Islah is trying to portray its escalation as a demand for the release of the party’s leading member Amin al-Aukimi and refusing to dismiss him from his position as governor of Jawf province, the timing of the escalation indicates the party’s attempt to blackmail Saudi Arabia, which is throwing its last cards to control the party’s last strongholds in eastern and western Yemen.

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