Sana’a Threatens to Turn Illegal Fishing Vessels into Blazing Stacks

The Deputy Foreign Minister in the Sana’a government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, on Thursday warned those ships, which steal fish from the Yemeni seas, that they would be turned into “burning piles in the sea.”

In a tweet on Twitter, Al-Ezzi confirmed that the fish wealth of Yemen is not a project available to the thieves, who must be held accountable for their heinous actions.

Al-Ezzi pointed out that Yemen’s fish undoubtedly has a unique taste, and whoever prefers it can get what he needs from it through legitimate means, even through a free request, “but to raze hundreds of thousands of tons without returning to Sanaa – I think this is a shameful and disgraceful act.”

He continued, saying: “Those ships that steal our fish are dangerous to navigation because they will force Sanaa to target them, and if the decision is issued, believe me; you will see them burning piles at sea.”

Al-Ezzi concluded his tweet by saying, “We will protect Yemen for centuries to come.”

It should be noted that Yemeni fishermen are subjected to various types of violations at the hands of the military battleships of the Saudi-led coalition.

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