Major American Oil Sectors Stopped in Yemen

It was announced in Shabwah on Thursday that the most important and largest oil sectors belonging to an American company had stopped. This comes days after major Yemeni oil production and marketing companies announced the suspension of their operations due to Sana’a’s decision to prevent the looting of Yemeni oil.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in Petro Masila Company reported that production operations in Jannah sector, located in Usaylan district and operated by American Hunt Company forcibly stopped, attributing the reasons of stopping to the full tanks in the port of Al-Nashimah on the Arabian Sea.

Petro Masila, which operates the largest oil fields in Hadhramaut, announced two days ago the suspension of its operations due to the full of oil tanks in AlDhaba and its intention to lay off its employees due to fears of an inability to pay their salaries.

These developments are a reflection to the offensive operation carried out by Sana’a forces earlier this week, near the oil port of AlDhaba described it as a “warning” after a foreign transport ship refused to abide by the directives to stop the export process.

It is noteworthy that Sana’a had offered, through the Minister of Oil in the rescue Government, to allow the resumption of exports in exchange for an agreement to adjust prices and guarantee its revenues in favor of disbursing the salaries of state employees and public services in the country.

European Union and United States data recommended that all Yemenis benefit from all their natural wealth, in confirmation to their refusal to continue looting through the mafia corruption and regional and international parties.

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