Hadhramaut: Major Oil Companies Announce Forced Pause, Start Layoffs

Major oil production companies in Hadhramaut announced that they were forced to stop work and lay off workers, only two days after Sana’a imposed a halt to Yemeni oil smuggling through the province’s ports.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Petro Masila that manages the production and marketing of Yemeni oil, reported in a statement, it said that it was no longer able to produce more oil due to the halt in the export process and the filling of reservoirs.

The company indicated that it decided to lay off its workers due to its inability to pay their salaries.

The decision to forcibly stop the company came a few days after Sana’a forces carried out a warning attack targeting the vicinity of Al-Dhabah port one of the most important oil export ports, forcing foreign ships that were preparing to smuggle a new shipment to retreat and withdraw.

The company’s announcement of work cessation reflects that the volume of Yemeni oil being sold exceeds the declared, it estimated two million barrels per month due to considerations, the most prominent of which are related to the tanks accommodating a larger amount than what is being announced.

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