Western Support for Neutralizing Yemeni Oil

The European Union began on Monday, courting “Houthis” as the second international party, in a move that indicates a radical change in international attitudes towards Yemen, following the recent warning attack to prevent looting Yemeni oil.

In its first comment on the escalation in Yemen, the European Union announced its support for Sanaa’s demands that all Yemenis benefit from oil revenues, calling for a negotiated settlement that ends the war and extends the armistice.

EU was commenting on AlDhabah attack in Hadhramaut, which Sana’a officially adopted. Its forces spokesperson, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, indicated that it was a warning to foreign ships and companies against exceeding the limits drawn by Sana’a regarding Yemeni oil and gas.

The European Union is the second Western party to announce its support for Sana’a’s demands to allocate Yemeni oil revenues to disbursing salaries.

The US ambassador to Yemen had previously stressed on the necessity of disbursing salaries to all Yemenis and lifting the blockade on ports and airports.

Although those parties continued to play a prominent role in obstructing any peace efforts and trying to courting them in favor of their agenda. However, the timing of the change in Western and American attitudes indicates the conviction of those countries in the effectiveness of Sana’a as a fait accompli in Yemen and that the only option for calm is to implement its conditions.

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