First Yemeni School Declared Bankruptcy, Closed Doors

A public school on Sunday closed its doors to students in Yemen’s richest oil region in Hadramout, eastern Yemen, this came against the backdrop of its inability to pay the rent.

According to Yemen press agency, the administration of a public school in the oil district of Sah in Hadramout province announced the closure of its doors to pupils due to the failure of the Ministry of Education in the government, loyal to the Saudi-led coalition to rent the school.

In front of the school gate, the school administration hung a sign that read: “The school has been closed till further notice due to the failure of the ministry of education to pay rent.”

According to activists on social media platforms, the announcement caused a great shock to the residents of the region and a great despair among the students, especially since their school is located in an oil area and covered the state budget with 80% of the oil share.

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