Al-Houthi: No Dialogue with Aden Govt’ but only with “Aggression” Countries

Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi said that there is no dialogue with Saudi-backed government in Aden but only with countries of the Saudi-led coalition.

“Sana’a announced that there is no dialogue with ‘mercenaries’ but with the aggressor, so the aggression worked to pressure the UN envoy, so the mercenaries give him a justification to designate the people in the terrorism list, aiming to deny what is documented of their association with the terrorism of America as militias and with an ongoing aggression and siege, in addition to killing, destruction and cutting off the salaries of the Yemeni people,” Mohammed Al-Houthi said on Twitter.

“This is what Sana’a wanted. that there should be no dialogue with the local forces loyal to the coalition, but with the countries of the British, Saudi, Emirati, which America realized that there is no use of designation resolution that can only be applied to them and their militias, so it retreated back,” he added.

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